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This is one example of how Medical Marijuana has helped me.

"I have a disability, even though it’s invisible, it is still a formidable disability.  It is a language disability.  I have had it all my life.   I have always had problems with words…spelling, writing, speaking.  So finally, at age 50… I’m 68 now… I got tested for a learning disability.  I was diagnosed with Auditory Processing Disorder.  I don’t understand it completely.  It’s very complex, but what I do know is that the part of my brain that processes sounds to form words is disabled.  


So, my brain uses other parts of the brain to do this processing and it isn’t very efficient or accurate.   When I speak, I make mistakes.  It is very difficult for me to find the right words I want to use, so I end up stumbling over words, or using the wrong words, or saying nothing.
I also mispronounce words–even simple words.  All this causes me to feel embarrassed.

I started using Medical Marijuana moderately about three years ago.  Since then, I have experienced a greater ability to retrieve the words I want and to better pronounce words.  This improvement not only happens when I’ve been smoking marijuana, but I also experience improvement when I haven’t been smoking.  It’s becoming easier to converse with people.  Now, I don’t feel so fearful that I will feel embarrassed when I simply talk."


68 year old Artisan

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“I am having a wonderful day today and I realized I owe much of it to you. I continue to take the medication you suggested in the amounts you advised. I medicate once a day some time between 10 and noon. I am productive and focused. And best of all I’m full of positive energy. 


Attended my 20th HS reunion recently. I was able to stay engaged in conversations longer and communicate more clearly.”


Payton Hillman

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Happy Old Man

– 3 months on medical cannabis
– Degenerative Disc Disorder‎

Since beginning Medical Marijuana my life has improved so very much! It has lessened my pain and my anxiety/panic attacks have virtually disappeared! Also, it used to take me 2-3 hours at night to fall asleep because my mind would just be on overload... now I can take a couple of hits with my vapor pen and actually RELAX enough to fall asleep within 30-45 minutes... BIG CHANGE for me in that area! I take a very LOW dose with only 1% took a couple of tries to get my "cocktail" right as I absolutely HATED that paranoia feeling but with the low dose of the THC I would recommend MM to anyone with severe pain, anxiety, sleep disorders, nausea, you name it, it HELPS. If you can relax your body and mind that helps a tremendous amount with virtually anything that impairs your life. Dr. Dorn is a very caring and personable man... you are not just another person on paper to him. He genuinely cares about his patients and his office staff are quick and efficient. No matter how you feel about "pot" the Medical Marijuana is not a "high" it helps with everything!

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Jessie Brown